Olympic figure skater Michelle Kwan adds college graduate to list of accolades

DENVER — Michelle Kwan has a college diploma to add to her resume.


Which team do you think will win the T20 World Cup (cricket)?

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  • tlcm_16 Watching the Canadian national skating live stream & hearing @honorsociety in the background - very Nice!!!!!!!
  • ShirinxJB OH, never mind, I found my brown eyepencil, it was in my figure skating jacket!xD haha, cause I had to go skating, but I had no make-up on!
  • canskate2010 We're also linked to International Figure Skating Magazine's new Facebook page, so check that out as well.
  • TomDurian In addition... I'll be anchoring the news from the studios as the rest of the team is live at figure skating!
  • tibbon I haven't been Ice Skating in a long time, but this GroupOn deal at Kendall makes me want to: https://bit.ly/5kkwth
  • poleet Im soooo ready to go ice skating. I need funsies.
  • IanCumming I'm at Fountain Square Ice Skating Rink (Fifth & Vine Streets, Vine, Cincinnati). https://4sq.com/7y1D0k
  • theinfobabe "In skating over thin ice, our safety is in our speed." ~~Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • LivingstonPatch Littell's Skating party is still on ... party starts at 6:30!
  • DAAD_FK_TUE_RTL REMINDER: We are meeting for Ice-Skating tomorrow, at 6:30 pm at Tbingen train station! Come along and let's have... https://bit.ly/5bvZZ6
  • Steffernie08 at rvc.... waiting for shane to get outa class then its off to skating and dinner later :) :)
  • KikixPeanut Shower then out with my madre, might go skating or chilling with friends later - BBl text ? ilu Marcus* <3

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  • ashleycharlton Paignton Ice Skating for Cars - Privacy Edit
  • brendancooper @charlesarthur Same way curling is 'ice skating for ugly folk'
  • ctvolympics Phaneuf leads after short program at Nationals: Cynthia Phaneuf of Contrecoeur, Que., is leading... https://bit.ly/4qatsH
  • polymath22 Am I 'skating near the legal edge of making threats'
  • michaelflint @DonatellaFall Lots! Celebrating Chanukkah w/my brother. Beer tasting party.
  • hughlh @billkcummings Skating by on grace, my brother...
  • extremetwizzle Today is Skating Champ Ben Agosto's B-day...Happy B-day Ben! (https://twitpic.com/y70xr) Wish him a happy 28th @Ben_Agosto
  • wmbrewin The women behind Patrick Chan
  • brianbaute Why I love my wife: we had an unbelievably good time together last night just watching our kids & their friends interact at the skating rink
  • briantedwards RT @USOlympic: Good morning Team USA fans! Everybody ready for an exciting weekend Lots going on. The figure skating...
  • kirkrarner @Artyxxpie where's there a place to go skating around here
  • youtubedouga Figure Skating Montage, Mao Asada Yu-Na Kim https://bit.ly/4Mqbqd
  • joanikin @BBCEntsTeam Love Sommerset House ice skating. Been there two times this winter.
  • ctvolympics The women behind Patrick Chan: Lori Nichol and Christy Krall say Chan is coping beautifully with... https://bit.ly/75zYsg
  • ksablan I'm at Patterson Park Skating Rink (200 South Linwood, Baltimore). https://4sq.com/4BtN0U
  • prycie Photo: Shot 12an old one but an ode to the polaroid. Skating on Brighton seafront.(though it could be...
  • craigshipp Polar bear plunge I'll stick w/ sleigh rides, skating, ice fishing... @ Warren County Winterfest @ Chapman State Park https://ow.ly/WM4Q
  • ninelives1972 just finished a great walk. Now on to shopping then cleaning.
  • xtnshun Updated: Kristi Yamaguchi - Skater and Dancer: Kristi Yamaguchi is an ice skating champion who appeared.. https://bit.ly/oSBgn
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