KATHMANDU - Despite being targeted by various armed groups who killed 34 officials and despite being slapped by a minister who went unpunished, Nepals civil servants are out to prove that their morale is the highest in the world - by conquering Mt Everest.

KATHMANDU - A team of 14, including 10 Everest summiters, who became stranded due to bad weather after carrying Nepal's tourism torch to a lesser peak, has begun to be rescued by helicopter, officials said.

KATHMANDU - Defying an age bar on Mt.

KATHMANDU - Five gritty former leprosy patients, who battled physical disability, social stigma and ostracisation, Sunday began a dogged battle to show that nothing was beyond their invincible spirit, embarking on a climbing expedition that will lead to an assault on Mt Everest, the highest peak in the world.

KATHMANDU - The government of Nepal Friday came out strongly in support of an embattled South Korean, whose claim to be the first woman to have tamed all the 14 highest peaks in the world is now being doubted by her own country's top climbing body.
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