London Stadium Lights up for 2012 Olympics

By Mayuri, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, December 21, 2010

LONDON ( — London lights up in ecstasy on Monday for the first time to stage the grand event of Olympic 2012 at its stadium.

With one year, seven months and seven days remaining until the Games begin, British Prime Minister David Cameron pushed a button that switched on the towering floodlights over the snow-covered stadium in east London.

London Mayor Boris Johnson, Olympic organizing chief Sebastian Coe and dozens of local schoolchildren were among those attending the ceremony in freezing temperatures inside the mostly empty 80,000-capacity stadium.

The stadium has 14 light towers reaching 70 meters (230 feet) above the field of play, supporting a total of 532 individual lights. The Olympic Delivery Authority also announced that the installation of the spectator seats has been completed and the stadium remains on track to be completed next year.

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