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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

a-black-flamingoMichelle Wie’s Blog has got everyone excited on the net today.

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Michelle Wie isn’t technically a new blogger. She has been on blogger since April 2007. However none of her earlier blogs currently have any articles.

Michelle Wie’s blog is very artsy and contains nice tidbits about her like she took a calligraphy class in high school and really loved it. She would love to learn how to do Asian calligraphy again and thinks classic Asian art is beautiful.

We also get to know that Michelle is into spray painting and like loud music.

Michelle Wie’s blogger profile reads:

“so i never used be into art or anything about art. i hated art class back in 7 and 8th grade and just dreaded going to that damn art class. but all of a sudden (i’m a junior in college), the artsy fartsy wheels have just begun to spin. I have all of a sudden been obsessed with drawing, painting, spray painting, and anything to do with diy. so here is my first post i guess about my stuff. I dont feel like any of this fit into any category. maybe they do and im just hopelessly clueless about this stuff but i hope u guys what i do. and if no one likes it…then…oh wells…i guess im truly just a black flamingo.”

Michelle Sung Wie was born on October 11, 1989. She is an American professional golfer who plays on the LPGA Tour. In 2006, she was named in a Time magazine article: “one of 100 people who shape our world.”

At age 10, Michelle Wie became the youngest player to qualify for USGA amateur championship. Wie would also become the youngest winner of the US Women’s Amateur public links and the youngest to qualify for a LPGA tour event. Wie turned professional with an enormous amount of hype and endorsements, but she has failed to win a LPGA event so far. She is very young and we all have lots of expectations from her.

Michelle Wie notified tournament officials she will not play in next week’s LPGA event in Danville due to scheduling conflict with fall-quarter classes starting next week at Stanford. Frankly I am impressed by her commitment to studies and really liked her blog.

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