Hussey says he’s motivated by pre-Ashes taunts

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

BRISBANE - Embattled Australian middle order batsman Michael Hussey is determined to enjoy this Ashes series, and claims that he is quite motivated by the pre-series taunts.

The 35-year-old knows the selectors are watching him and itching to bring in Usman Khawaja or Callum Ferguson as possible replacements.

“Half the challenge is to block out all the external distractions that go on. It’s definitely been a lot tougher. A lot of stuff has filtered through. In some ways it’s been quite motivating. Certainly, when I was playing against Victoria in the second innings, I felt like I was batting well, but there were negative comments that were driving me on further and further,” Hussey told Fox Sports.

Hussey made an 18-ball duck in the first innings of the Shield match and was under enormous pressure going into the second. He scored a fighting 118, showing the young challengers that they still had some distance to cover.

“In my mind I still have the belief that I’m good enough to be in the team, but there’s been a lot of speculation from a lot of different parts of the media. I’ve been trying to block it out and I haven’t read or watched much at all,” he added.

“I want to enjoy it, enjoy that pressure. I don’t want to walk away at the end of my career, (thinking) ‘geez I absolutely hated playing for Australia,” Hussey said.

“I want to go away knowing that I played the way I wanted to play and that I gave myself the best chance of performing well and I enjoyed every minute of it. Go away a happy man rather than having regrets,” he added.

“I’m not changing my game. I don’t believe I need to make any technical changes. It’s important to come out with a really positive mind, trust my game,” Hussey said. (ANI)

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