Sikkim girls practise hard to get into national cricket team

Monday, December 20, 2010

GANGTOK - Girls representing the Sikkim Cricket Association are practising hard to make their way into the national team.

“Cricket is a good game and women can learn the game easily and we are working hard and showing our maximum dedication towards it,” said Kikam Bhutia, a woman cricketer. I got interested in cricket since the time of school and the love for the game has increased since I first came here for the camp. I see a great scope in future for the game,” Purnima Gurung, another woman cricketer.

The Sikkim Cricket Association is trying to promote local talent by opening more training and selection centres.

It is also distributing equipments and providing better facilities to these aspiring young women cricketers.

The Association also organizes state level league tournaments for different age groups.We are working hard to promote cricket in the region. Camps and academies for nurturing the young talent are organized to bring both boys and girls to the forefront,” Tika Subba, General Secretary, Sikkim Cricket Association.

The Sikkim Cricket Association is the governing body for the entire cricket related activities in the state and it is also an associate member of Board of Cricket control of India. (ANI)

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