MCG Ashes pitch should be prepared in favour of Aussies: Thommo

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

MELBOURNE - Former Australian fast bowler Jeff Thomson has called for MCG curator Cameron Hodgkins to unashamedly doctor his pitch to suit Australia’s fast bowlers and negate the influence of England spinner Graeme Swann.sked if Hodgkins should deliver a green top after the success of Australia’s pace attack in Perth, the former Australian pacer said: “Yes he should, if we want to win.”

Cricket Victoria chief executive Tony Dodemaide, however, denied there was any skullduggery behind Hodgkins’ decision to abandon the original pitch earmarked for the Test.

“It’s nothing to do with anything subversive,” Dodemaide said.

“The decision was made well before the Perth Test. It was simply a case that the pitch that had originally been intended was under cover for so long that it wasn’t coming up,” the Daily Telegraph quoted him, as saying.eanwhile, Cricket Australia boss James Sutherland admitted yesterday it would be virtually impossible to enforce a ban on Mexican waves at the MCG during the Boxing Day Test.

“It’s difficult to close down but the real point is that endangering fellow spectators, and ruining other spectators’ fun are things that will not be tolerated on Boxing Day or any other days of this Test match,” Sutherland said. (ANI)

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