Boasting Aussies are scared: Pietersen

Thursday, December 23, 2010

MELBOURNE - England middle-order batsman Kevin Pietersen believes the Aussies are boasting and making big statements because they are under pressure to deliver.

In a far-ranging interview to The Sun, the man the Aussies love to hate gave his version of the sledging battle with Mitchell Johnson after which the fast bowler called him a “smart a***.”

He explained: “I don’t feel intimidated by the Australians. I think when you’re under extreme amounts of pressure, you talk a lot more.

“And the good thing about our team is that we’re on a plateau. We do what we do. We haven’t come out and made any bold, huge statements. We know Australia are vulnerable - there are a lot of areas that are very vulnerable.”

“We made a hiccup in Perth, but we were constructive in the criticism we chucked around the team meeting. We need to wipe the slate clean, forget Perth and think about how well we did in Adelaide and Brisbane. We’re absolutely fine.”

When asked whether Australia still have fault lines in their team, Pietersen replied: “One hundred per cent.”

After his brilliant double ton in Adelaide, KP managed just nought and three in Perth. He admits he was surprised by the amount of swing Johnson found.

Johnson was not impressed when Pietersen asked for his mobile phone number and there has been plenty of verbal jousting between the pair.

The former England captain said: “I was just seeing if I could be his friend - we play this game to make friends. Things that happen on the field should stay on the field.

“We didn’t hear or see anything different to what normally happens in a Test match.

“Having played against Warne and McGrath, the sledging here is non-existent. You haven’t seen any huge battles on the field or any proper abuse,” he said. (ANI)

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