Becks to face his sex scandal accuser in the New Year

Sunday, December 26, 2010

LONDON - David Beckham is expected to face his sex scandal accuser in a US court hearing, probably after the New Year.

The soccer star was due to give a formal statement in the case before Christmas.

But his lawyers have managed to postpone the hearing until after his family festivities with wife Victoria and their three young sons.

Beckham, 35, launched his 16-million-pound legal action against hooker Irma Nici, 25, and German-owned US magazine ‘In Touch’ over an article in which she claimed he hired her and a ‘curvy brunette’ for sex romps at New York’s Le Parker Meridien �Hotel in 2007.

Bosnian-born Nici is counter-suing the former England star for a million dollars, claiming he caused her ‘emotional and �physical pain and distress’.

As a result of her counter-suit, he will be ordered to give his deposition - the US equivalent of swearing an affidavit - at a private hearing within the next month.

Unlike the British legal system, Nici will be allowed to fire questions at the footballer about their alleged liaison.

Nici’s lawyer Paul Jensen has revealed that he might unveil the mystery brunette, who would also be allowed to grill Beckham.

“David will have his own lawyers present, of course. But he’s still angry and fearful that he may be forced to divulge matters about his private life,” the Daily Star quoted an LA Galaxy teammate as saying.

“This whole case has become a thorn in his side. I’m not saying he regrets suing the magazine and this woman but I don’t think he realised how intensely personal the pre-trial �system can be over here,” he added.

Nici’s attorney has also filed a motion to dismiss Beckham’s case against her, which will be heard at Los Angeles Superior Court on February 16. (ANI)

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