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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

NEW YORK - An online groupie site has come up, which lets women share their scandalous dating stories and exchange advice on how to snare football stars, and get them to buy things.

The site has many of these women talking about how they go about to get something out of the players, who often lavish them with expensive gifts.

One such example is a 22-year-old woman, who revealed how she would get her man to buy her a car.

“I would say in a very deep seductive voice, look him in his eyes and then say, ‘baby you know what I want you to do for me? Buy me a 2011 (insert the car you want there)’. Then smile lick your lips or wink your eye and go on with your business,” the New York Post quoted Zaria as advising.

“I usually do this over dessert or Ice Cream. Something that brings attention to the mouth and looks sexy,” she explained.

These women discuss outfits, strategies and even positions before they have even met their man, and should he not be able to come through with their demands, they are also quick to put him to shame.

They would post pictures of themselves in hotel rooms for wives to find, or reveal intimate details about someone’s off-field performance.

“Official Groupie”, a Florida-based beauty, coaches inexperienced groupies on BallerAlert.

“See, the smarter ones are on to your gold digging groupie ass. The smart ones can smell your money-hungry ass a mile away,” she posted in a three-part series, ‘How to Land a Baller’.

“You know the ones that can barely speak well in an interview. Yes, bitch, him! Write his name down. Google him!

“Start to focus on the ones who have criminal records, many baby mommas and plenty of kids, and have ‘advisors’ (i.e. cousins/homeboys that handle their business/money),” Official Groupie instructs.

On the site, others advice on how to memorizing the layout of the place where the players are staying, and to also keep a steady watch on Twitter, where most of the men reveal their schedules.

The girls on BallerAlert, how ever, tend to hush their specific dalliances, though some of the groupies dished in a compendium called the “bad baller list”.

This do-not-date list discusses cringe-worthy bedroom behaviour and faulty equipment and includes top names like Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards, Cincinnati Bengal Chad Ochocinco, and Boston Celtics star Paul Pierce.

While that warning list reads like a private conversation between best friends, the fame-enamoured women adhere to a certain code, which, if broken, could ruin their game. Violators are kicked off the site. (ANI)

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