Raj Thackeray backs Sachin’s gym plans

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MUMBAI - The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) Tuesday rushed to support cricket maestro Sachin Tendulkar in his quest to construct a private gymnasium at his Bandra residence and once again raked up the issue of locals versus “outsiders” in the city.

MNS chief Raj Thackeray castigated the Maharashtra government for refusing him extra floor space index (FSI).

“He is the world’s greatest batsman and was born and brought up in Mumbai. He wants around 250-300 square feet additional FSI. What is wrong with this?” Thackeray thundered here Tuesday evening.

Tendulkar had recently sought extra FSI from the urban development department to construct the private gym at his residence.

However, it was rejected last week on grounds that it could violate Coastal Regulation Zone norms.

Taking objection to the denial of the FSI, Thackeray said that hordes of “outsiders” come to the state from different parts of the country and settle down in Mumbai and Pune and other places, building illegal homes.

“Later, these people are given homes measuring 250-300 square feet, free of cost, though they have nothing to do with the state. But when our greatest living cricketer wants a similar space, it is denied,” Thackeray said.

Thackeray said that if Tendulkar belonged to another state, the government there would have done a lot for him.

“However, it is sad that the Maharashtra government could not even grant him this small concession,” Thackeray said.

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