Illegal gambling is rife in British Football League, says player at heart of betting scandal

Friday, February 25, 2011

LONDON - One of the five players banned by the Football Association (FA) for betting on the outcome of their own match has said that the vast gulf in pay between the Premier League and lower divisions is causing Football League players to commit the same offence.

Wrexham striker Andy Mangan, who was banned for five-months in July 2009, said: “The younger players look at the wealthy ones who are on a lot more and think: ‘I would like a lot more money’.”

“When you’re in that situation you look at the magazines, all the papers, at all the Premier League boys buying all these cars and you think to yourself: ‘I’d love that’. Maybe they might be good enough to get that, but at the time they’re not at the top level. You want it - so how do you get it?” he added.

Mangan also said that young players do not focus on the FA’s message that those who bet on any match or competition in which they are involved are liable to be banned.

“I know for a fact players are gambling on their own league, when you are not allowed,” the Independent quoted Mangan, as saying.

“I know that - and I know some players know that - but everyone’s got to know because there are consequences if they get caught,” he added. (ANI)

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