Mike Tyson coaches George Bush in spoof of ‘The King’s Speech’

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

LONDON - Former boxing champ Mike Tyson was seen playing the role of a vocal coach to a look-alike of former US President George Bush in a spoof version of ‘The King’s Speech’.

Tyson, 44, is seen in the skit, aired during a special Oscar edition of Jimmy Kimmel’s US chat show, helping the look-alike get ready for an important public address.

The boxer recited lines from Hamlet with the doppelganger, massaged his jaw, rolled him along the floor and helped him perform voice exercises.

His role in the sketch, entitled Tyler Perry’s The President’s Speech, was a hilarious take on Geoffrey Rush’s Oscar-nominated part.

Tyson was filmed wearing a suit and hat, and painting a watercolour, when he was approached to be Bush’s vocal coach.

When told, “Your country needs you”, the ex-heavyweight champion repeatedly held his head in his hands as he watched the former US president fluff his lines during live broadcasts.

“The worst delivery in the history of speeching,” the Daily Mail quoted Tyson as bellowing during one blunder.

But after some intensive training, which mimicked Rush’s scenes with Colin Firth in ‘The King’s Speech’, Tyson is seen standing in the sidelines with a tear trickling from his eye, as Bush gave a perfect speech. (ANI)

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