Is David Duval ready to come all the way back?TURNBERRY, Scotland — As gray clouds kept spitting out rain, David Duval just went about his work at one end of the putting green. He didn't bother with an umbrella and kept on those trademark sunglasses, even though the sun was nowhere to be found on this gloomy afternoon along the Scottish coast.
Swing changes, but no change in the Open favoriteTURNBERRY, Scotland — Padraig Harrington was conjuring up images of Howard Hughes, for reasons he was finding hard to explain. Something about tearing things down and putting them back together, like a golf swing he didn't think was good enough even though it helped him win the last two British Opens.
kenny perryTURNBERRY, Scotland — Kenny Perry wants to make one thing clear: He's got nothing against the British Open.
tiger woodsTURNBERRY, Scotland — The sea breeze in his face was not nearly as important to Tiger Woods as finding the best route around three pot bunkers on the 10th hole at Turnberry.
An Open Championship by any other name not sameTURNBERRY, Scotland — In these parts of the world, the oldest major is known simply as "The Open Championship." It's not unusual for Americans to refer to it as the British Open, although one will rarely hear that from British and European players, or any players from South Africa, Australia and other parts of the world.
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