NIT Bracket 2010 Update

By Priyanka, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, March 23, 2010

CHAMPAIGN ( According to the latest NIT Bracket 2010 Update, on Monday night team Illinois defeated team Kent State with 75-58 lead. The game which started at a slow pace became interesting in the second half when both the teams battled to win. In the first half of the game both the teams managed to score 31 points, which made the second period the deciding half. Just five minutes into the second half team Illinois was able to get the lead. Point guard player of the Illinois team, Demetri McCamey, took the team to a lead with 8-0 run. The Kent team at that point suffered badly with three turnovers.

Mike Davis of the Illinois team after the win mentioned to the media that while in the first half the team was a bit lethargic, in the second period of the game they were set to win with some brilliant shots. The Illinois team coordinated well in the second half. At the end of the game, Demetri McCamey had contributed 15 points to the team’s score and had assisted in other 10. The player now holds the record of having scored 1200 points and 500 assists in just three seasons. All this made the NIT on Monday night another eventful game.

NIT 2010 becomes all the more memorable for the Illinois team as it is during this tournament that they have been able to break the streak of three losses in their home turf. Team Illinois’s Demetri McCamey said that the team had gone out on the field with an aim to play their best and make their fans proud with a win. However the NIT 2010 which ends on April 1, still has many games to witness and rejoice.

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