Andrea McNulty sexualy assaulted ?

By amitava, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ben-Roethlisberger Andrea McNulty, who works for Harrah’s casino filed a lawsuit against Ben Roethlisberger over sexual assultation. McNulty alleges that Ben Roethlisberger asked her to his room to fix his television and while there sexually assaulted her.

Its being quite shocking to hear every now and then that political figures, sports and movie personalities are being accused for or assaulted by criminal activities. Ben Roethlisberger has a reputation as one of the famous sports figures, so it is even more shocking to hear this accusation.

McNulty also alleges that the coworkers also defamed her by making allegedly false and inflammatory statements, and by  serving as aiders of Roethlisberger’s .

However, David Cornwell, Mr. Roethlisberger’s attorney planning to defend the case strongly, but still we are really tired of hearing these sort of facts.

Just few days back some body uploaded a peephole pictures of innocent sports reporter Erin Andrews, well its not a direct sexual assault like Andrea McNulty had but to the true sense Erin Andrews was sexually assaulted by millions of people who had watched and enjoyed  the video entitled “Hot naked blond who looks a lot like a sports blogger favorite in her hotel room”.

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