Sunfeast 10k Winner Titus Mbishei

By Sayantika Ghosh, Gaea News Network
Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunfeast 10k

BANGALORE, INDIA ( Sunfeast 10k which happens to be an IAAF Gold Label Road Race witnessed Titus Mbishei of Kenya along with Ayalew Wude Yimer of Ethiopia emerge out as winners in Bangalore. Reportedly, the Sunfeast 10k race kicked off amidst an overnight drizzle which still had the tracks wet when the racers had lined up for the marathon.

Deriba Merga who happens to be the winner from the last year’s race was one of the leaders in the Sunfeast 10k marathon who was doing the front running for a while until Titus Mbishei came up from the behind. The lead group also comprised of runners like Uganda’s Moses Kipsiro, who emerged as the runner up in the last year’s Sunfeast 10k marathon. He was accompanied by Feyisa Lelisa followed by Kenya’s Titus Masai who had finished third in the RAK marathon. It was at the mark of 6 kilometers when Deriba Merga started slowing down as Titus Mbishei came up from behind to take the lead in the race. Both Titus Mbishei and Moses Kipsiro was running equal to each other as they reached Cubbon Park which marks the eighth kilometer out of the total 10 kilometers of the Sunfeast 10k marathon.

Titus Mbishei finished first at the Sunfeast 10k race beating Moses Kipsiro by a few seconds. The Sunfeast 10k marathon records Titus Mbishei at his best time 27:54 which is just three seconds short of the track record at the Sunfeast 10k marathon race. After he emerged victorious in the Sunfeast 10k marathon race the young athlete was elated and told the media that he enjoyed each and every moment of running and that Sunfeast 10k had been a great event and he would always love to comeback and run in these tracks.

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