Kerala soccer fan paints Argentine colours on his auto rickshaw

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

MALAPPURAM - A soccer fan from Kerala has painted his three-wheeled auto rickshaw in the blue and white stripes of the Argentina flag and offers free ride to those, who support the Latin American team.

Parakan Nazeer supports Argentina because he believes its soccer stars are among the favourites to lift this year’s world cup that kicks off in South Africa next week.

Nazeer, an auto rickshaw driver by profession, drives around in his colourful auto trying to garner support for his favourite team in the coconut-laden backwaters of Kerala.

“Right now, I am quite anxious, there are many teams with a chance, who will be the lucky one, we don’t know. Argentina has a chance and I am supporting Argentina,” said Nazeer.

He has spent around 5,000 rupees to convert the auto into the Argentinian flag colours.

Nazeer travels to the nearby villages in a bid to increase the number of supporters and also explains about each players, their style and strong point of defense.

“The Brazilian supporters have been telling me to convert my auto into the yellow colours of Brazil, but I am an Argentine supporter and sticking with my team,” Nazeer added.

He plans to continue driving his vehicle in its current avatar until the world cup ends and Argentina lifts the trophy.

Nazeer has also placed some heavy bets on Argentina and hopes that his team will repay his faith in them with a victory.

The World Cup 2010 will be held from June 11 to July 11 in South Africa. (ANI)

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