4 in 10 England fans to miss work for watching team compete in World Cup

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

LONDON - A survey has found that almost 2,500, around thirty-eight percent of full-time workers aged between 18 and 45 in Britain will fail to turn up for work because they would be watching the England team perform on TV.

Some 23 percent told the YouGov survey that they would take time off, while five percent admitted they might pull a sickie and 18 percent said they would watch the Three Lions in a pub with colleagues or friends.

The revelation comes after Union bosses urged employers to allow their staff to watch the World Cup matches, SKY News reports.

The TUC said that “everyone wins” if companies implement flexible hours that would mean workers could follow their team and then make up the time later.

This idea was supported by 48 percent of survey respondents, who said being allowed to watch the crucial matches would be the best way to rally morale.

The survey was undertaken for Telegent, whose spokeswoman Diana Jovin said: “People need a boost after 2009 and the World Cup is an opportunity for companies to profit from the spirit and energy that England matches generate. When people enjoy a good game together, they emerge with refreshed optimism.”

However, there are concerns that employers could face discrimination charges by only giving benefits to England team supporters. (ANI)

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