After dismal putting round, Tiger Woods goes back to old flat stick for British Open finale

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Woods goes back to old putter at British Open

ST. ANDREWS, Scotland — Tiger Woods has gone back to his old putter for the final round of the British Open.

Woods played the first three rounds with a Nike Method putter, hoping it would help him deal with the slower speed of the greens at the Old Course.

But he’s struggled mightily with the flat stick, especially in the third round. He took 35 putts — more than all but five players. Woods had 99 putts over the first three days, essentially accounting for the margin between him and leader Louis Oosthuizen, who had the third-fewest putts in the field with 88.

Facing a 12-stroke deficit on Sunday, Woods switched back to the Scotty Cameron putter made by Titleist, a Newport 2 model. That’s the putter he had been using since 1999.

July 19, 2010: 3:06 pm

Its understandable that Tiger Woods would try a different putter as his loss of confidence leads him to make the mistake of getting away from what has worked for him in the past consistently. The whole problem is that Tiger has/is going through such turmoil with his personal life, (which has spilled into his professional life) that he has lost his moorings temporarily. Look for Woods to work through a brief time of indecision and self doubt and then rise again to rule the course.

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