Spot fixing case: Ex-Pak skipper Rameez Raja labels Butt a liar

Sunday, September 5, 2010

LONDON - Former Pakistan cricket captain and Pakistan Cricket Board CEO Ramiz Raja has accused suspended skipper Salman Butt of being a liar in connection with the latest spot fixing scam.

“Salman Butt’s claims are a joke, a big joke. If you are implicated, you’ve got to come out straight away and say, ‘I’ve not done this, I don’t care what the allegations are, I’m not involved and that is the truth’,” News of The World quoted Rajas, as saying.

“He has not done that, he has come across as a big liar. I am so heavily and thoroughly disappointed by Pakistan’s captain. You look at match-fixing and the captain has to be crooked, they’ve got to be involved, along with some of the major players in the team, for it to happen,” he added.

“It all depends on the captain. The way it was told in the paper ‘10th over, sixth ball’ it actually did happen. It’s up to the captain to ensure the bowler is still operating in the 10th over. I thought Butt was intelligent enough to understand the importance of leading Pakistan and setting an example.

This is going to hurt Pakistan cricket,” Raja said. (ANI)

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