$1 mn golf ‘Dream-Shot’ launched in Chandigarh

Sunday, September 12, 2010

CHANDIGARH - The Chandigarh Golf Club, which has been the grooming home-ground of one of India’s best-known golfers Jeev Milkha Singh, has been selected as the first course in the country for the $1 million ‘Dream Shot Hole-in-One Contest’.

The contest will be started later September and will be open to all golf enthusiasts.

“Dream Shot is a premier hole-in-one programme that is designed to accommodate daily play as well as tournament play. The Dream Shot Hole-in-One Contest gives every golfer a chance to win $1 million by making their Dream Shot,” certified golf trainer Ajay Gujral said here Sunday.

Dream Shot was launched in 2008 and has rapidly expanded around the world, with current operations in North America, China, Taiwan, Britain, Ireland, Spain, and Portugal.

“The course operator selects a par 3 hole (155+ yards for men and 125+ yards for women) from which the Dream Shot Hole-in-One Contest will be run. For a fee of Rs.750 per shot, participants have the opportunity to win instant prizes,” Gujral said.

Any participant that gets a hole-in-one will win $2,500 in cash and an all-expenses paid trip to the grand shootout for their chance to win $ 1mn, Gujral, who heads the Chandigarh golf club academy here, added.

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