PCB boss Butt’s close confidante Yawar likely to replace Bari as board’s COO

Monday, November 8, 2010

LAHORE - Pakistan’s former team manager Yawar Saeed is tipped to take over as the Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) new Chief Operating Officer after Wasim Bari was sacked under a Service Rule Act that does not allow the board to give regular employment to persons over the age of 60 years.

According to one source, all indications were now that board chairman Ijaz Butt would prefer to have his long-time friend Saeed replace Bari as the chief operating officer, the Daily Times reported.

“Although Yawar is over 70 years but he can be given a contract to work in the board,” the source added.

The government service rules allow organisations to employ retired persons on a contract basis for any specialised or senior position.

A close confidante of Butt, Saeed had stepped down as manager of the national team after Pakistan’s troubled tour of England. The source said that the PCB chairman was now keen to have him working in the board.

“That is the way Ijaz operates, he trusts Yawar and Intikhab Alam a lot and that is why he also made Intikhab the manager of the national team recently although the former captain had failed as a coach of the national team earlier in the year,” the source noted.

The source also indicated that the sudden decision to terminate the services of senior employees on the basis of their age had something to do with the ultimatum given by the ICC to Butt to clean up his management and introduce a new team in the board.

“Otherwise Bari is over 62, Khizar Hayat- the umpires manager- is 71, Shafiq Ahmed- the general manager domestic cricket affairs- is already 61, when they were given the termination notices why didn’t the board act earlier against them?” the source questioned.

Also, some of the employees whose salaries were under 100,000 rupees were given fresh contract letters for a year, sources revealed.

“The board in the letter has also told the employees including Bari who were drawing salaries in excess of 100,000 that they can reapply for the post afresh, and if the board feels their services are required, they will be given fresh contracts on fresh terms for a year,” one source said. (ANI)

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