If Aussies bring back Warne then England will bring back Trueman, jokes Botham

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

LONDON - Cricket legend Ian Botham has said if Australia brings Shane Warne out of retirement for the Ashes series it would be like England calling up the late Fred Trueman.

Australian journalists have asked Warne, 41, about whether he would consider returning for one last battle.

“We could have brought Bob Willis out, Fred Trueman, who else could we have brought over? Warney has come and gone, like Glenn McGrath - they’re both history. Great players but they’ve finished,” The Sun quoted Botham, as saying.

“The tougher it is for Australia, the happier I am. I don’t care what Australia do, to be honest. I think it’s England’s to lose. They are the side in form at the moment and I expect them to do very well,” he said.

“There’s a lot of pressure on Australia and they’re under the cosh a bit. England have prepared properly this time so I expect them to win - and win by a couple of Tests,” Botham said.

The legendary England all-rounder also said that the huge size of the Australian squad reveals their insecurities.

“You’d be unlucky not to be in the squad if you’re an Aussie. I’ve never seen this before with Australia. I’m not sure it sends the right signals out but, to be quite frank, I’m not really bothered.

“We’ve come here to retain The Ashes and the idea is to come out here and play well. I’m quietly confident. You never get complacent with Australia, of course. In their own backyard they will be tough to beat,” Botham said. (ANI)

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