What Tiger Woods’ mistresses have been up to after scandal?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

WASHINGTON - A look at the women who were linked to professional golfer Tiger Woods has revealed that while some have gone on to make a reality show, others are busy penning books.

Porn star Holly Sampson, 37, revealed that she, Josyln James, and Jamie Jungers have joined hands for a new reality show.

“We’re in the middle of shooting ‘The Mistress Makeover’,” Fox News quoted Sampson as saying.

“The show is all of us girls getting together to improve ourselves, improve our looks and try to move on,” she said.

“Mistress” is actually a misnomer for Sampson-she had a one-night stand with Woods over 10 years ago.

“It’s been a really hard year, but I got through and I learned a lot about myself and became a better person. I’m really, really proud of myself and where I’m going,” James said.

James recently released ‘The Eleventh Hole’, an adult film she describes as showing “all of the behind-the-scenes sexual escapades” of her and the golf billionaire.

She’s also writing a book and working on her cosmetic line, Shameless by Joslyn James.

Woods’ most famous mistress Rachel Uchitel has been starring in ‘Celebrity Rehab’, where Dr. Drew and his cohorts have helped her address her addiction to prescription pills and love

“People don’t really understand love addiction, but I think a lot of women will relate to it,” Uchitel told the Daily Mail.

Former Playboy Cyber Girl Loredana Jolie has already penned a kiss and tell entitled, ‘The Real Diary: Lessons from the Good Time Girl to Champion’.

“The book reveals intimate secrets and details that can save millions of people worldwide. I have slept with some of the wealthiest and most powerful people on the planet,” she said of the tome.

A documentary ‘Tiger Woods: The Rise and Fall’ aired in the UK this past summer, claiming that Woods’ fortysomething mistress Theresa Rogers gave birth to his love child in 2003.

Rogers reportedly accepted a multi-million dollar settlement for her silence, and silent she has remained.

Las Vegas club manager and promoter Kalika Moquin has managed to keep a low profile, as has Perkins pancake waitress Mindy Lawton, and cocktail waitress Julie Postle, who reportedly turned Woods’ head in an Orlando, FL nightclub, and now lives a quiet life in Texas. (ANI)

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