Christy Martin Hospitalized

By Madhusmita, Gaea News Network
Thursday, November 25, 2010

ORANGE COUNTY ( World’s Best known female boxer Christy Martin was hospitalized last Tuesday after she was allegedly stabbed by her husband Jim Martin. The Orange County Sheriff’s office said that Jim Martin not only stabbed her but also shot her with a handgun. The police is presently searching for her husband.

The police said in the press conference that Christy Martin returned to her home after two days on Tuesday afternoon after being away from home for two days. Jim Martin suddenly attacked her and with a knife and shotgun. Somehow, Christy Martin managed to escape from her home and was flagged down by a motorist to the hospital. After reaching the hospital Christy Martin was conscious and she narrated the whole terrific incident to the investigators. Even when the police reached her place, they found signs of struggle in her room which proved that something happened there.

Though the police did not comment anything about Christy Martin’s health, they said that they are presently investigating the motive behind the whole incident. Even Jim Solomons, the spokesman of the office said that the whole incident proves that no body escapes domestic violence and at the same time the police cannot take any legal actions until Jim Martin is arrested. A gossip site reported that an out of the state caller contacted the police and said that Jim Martin was disturbed as he had a bad conjugal life. Jim Martin used to call his friends to talk about his personal problems. However, nothing can be concluded till Jim martin is arrested and questioned according to Jim Solomons. Christy Martin was unavailable for comments.

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