Nonito Donaire Defeats Wladimir Sidorenko

By Madhusmita, Gaea News Network
Sunday, December 5, 2010

ANAHEIM ( Much anticipated World Boxing Association’s bantamweight champion ship turned out to be highly entertaining thriller for the audience as the fighters gave in their best effort to win the title. Nonito Donaire, the Filipino professional boxer and Wladimir Sidorenko former WBA world bantamweight champion faced each other last night where the former defeated the latter in the fourth round. For the Filipino boxer, it was just his one punch that changed the whole fight.

Nonito Donaire (25-1, 10 KOs) dominated the whole fight from the beginning and thrashed Wladimir Sidorenko (22-2-2, 7 KOs) by putting him down three times in the overwhelming power-shots. The whole bout was a visual treat for Nonito Donaire’s fans as the player left no stones unturned to win this bout. In the second round the Filipino fighter’s merciless punches messed up his Ukrainian foe’s face. Referee Marcos Rosales stopped the fight in the fourth round after 1:48. After this fight Nonito Donaire will face world champion Fernando Montiel on February 19. Nonito Donaire has not lost a single game since his second professional fight in Vallejo in March 2001 and this win has also added another feather to his crown.

The winner was excited after winning the bantamweight title and said that he wanted to make a statement in this fight and he is happy as he could live up to his own expectation. He said that he felt he could take out Wladimir Sidorenko with one punch. The Filipino boxer said that he knew he has hurt him but his opponent kept fighting with him. Nonito Donaire said that he respects Wladimir Sidorenko for his fighting so well against him.

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