New Zealand team united behind new coach Wright: Vettori

Sunday, December 26, 2010

WELLINGTON - New Zealand skipper Daniel Vettori has said that the team is united behind new coach John Wright.

“Wrighty absolutely has my support as coach of the Black Caps. Whoever is - or was - coach has my support because my goal is to win games for New Zealand. We are in it together and we need to roll up our sleeves, get busy and work hard,” said Vettori.

“In some ways, it’s irrelevant for me who is in charge. I play cricket for myself and to win games for my team-mates and New Zealand. But I actually think Wrighty and I will work well together,” quoted Vettori, as saying.

“There’s obviously a perception out there that I wanted everything my own way. That’s far from the case. I have always wanted someone to come in and challenge people, including myself, and help create an environment that gets the best out of this team.

I think Wrighty can do that,” Vettori added.

Vettori dismisses criticism that he was too influential and needed to be “depowered”.

“A lot of the time decisions have been made by the group that I didn’t agree with but when you are part of a team you have to get on with things and take collective responsibility,” he said.

“No one person should have sole responsibility for all decisions in any team environment. I’ve given 15 years to New Zealand cricket and for people to start questioning my desire or to suggest I have an ulterior motive is something that really hurts,” Vettori said. (ANI)

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