Sports activities begin after Kashmir Valley unrest

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

SRINAGAR - After six months of unrest in the Kashmir Valley, children and youngsters have resumed playing games like rugby, soccer and cricket and playgrounds are flourishing with various sporting activities.

Girls have also start playing rugby, which was considered as a manly sport.

During the unrest, sports and many outdoor activities had almost come to a standstill due to frequent shutdowns and prolonged imposition of curfew.

Iqbal Ahmad, the Jammu and Kashmir Rugby Association president, said they have again given a chance to the youngsters by organising first Kashmir level Rugby Championship 2010 and twenty teams from all over the Valley will be participating in the tourney.

“Sports activities almost stopped for six months because of the prolonged curfews in the valley. Children were not allowed to come out of their houses. So, there was no question of sports activities taking place,” said Ahmad.

“And now in such extreme cold conditions, the children have got a chance to participate in a tournament. But now they have left back every hurdle and have pledged to give their full participation in the competition,” he added.

Rugby players said due to the six months break their fitness had taken a backseat. Nonetheless, they are confident of regaining the stamina and the spirit to play well in the ensuing rugby tournament.

“Of course, we can take part in international competitions if we do continuous practice, which we were not able to do from the last six months but now we have again started with the practice session. If we continue practising, then I have full confidence, that we can defeat the teams, which are from outside,” said Aqsa Mushtaq, a woman rugby player.

Kashmir Valley has been in a grip of protests, strikes and curfew since June.

At least 100 stone-pelting protestors were killed in firing by the security forces. By Afzal Bhat (ANI)

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