MacGill favours Hauritz, says Beer clearly not the best spinner

Thursday, January 6, 2011

MELBOURNE - Former spinner Stuart MacGill, who in 2004 bowled alongside Shane Warne, has said that Michael Beer is clearly not the best spinner the country has to offer, and favours Test duscard Nathan Hauritz to play in the Australian team.

“I don’t know that there would be anybody who would [think that] and I don’t mean to be disrespectful,” MacGill said.

“Based on his experience he’s acquitted himself quite well. He’s not a bowler who at this stage can bowl a team out. Nathan Hauritz is far better equipped to do that,” The Age quoted him, as saying.

“I don’t think he gets as much work on the ball as a [Jason] Krejza or even a Hauritz on his day and he doesn’t have as much control as Haury or even Xavier Doherty. The guy that impressed me as the second spin bowler and a work in progress is the second spin bowler Steven Smith,” MacGill said.

“I think he’s worth persevering with but pretty much only in that second spin-bowling role at the moment,” he added.

MacGill said Hauritz should be finally recalled from the wilderness when Australia returns to Sri Lanka later this year.

“He wasn’t doing the job, they sent him back to first-class cricket and he couldn’t possibly have done any more. He’s got 20-odd wickets, he’s got a couple of hundreds,and he’s got wickets in all forms of the game,” MacGill said. (ANI)

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