Why Warne, Hurley will make it as a couple and why they may not

Thursday, February 10, 2011

MELBOURNE - Elizabeth Hurley’s romance with cricketer Shane Warne seems to be getting serious — after she met his parents at his Melbourne house on Wednesday.

News.com.au is now rating the chances of the couple, dubbed ‘Harnie’ by the Australian media, reports the Herald Sun.

Why they will be make it.

1. They are perfect media darlings:

2. They both understand the pressures of fame:

3. They’ve both survived scandals:

4. They’re both parents to young kids

5. Their chemistry is obvious

6. Their shared love of fake tan

7. They are passionate Tweeters

And why they won’t make it

1. Their track records: Warne is an inveterate flirt and has demonstrated time his impulsiveness and complete lack of discretion. Meanwhile Hurley hasn’t had the best luck in love - from having to go to court to force Bing to admit paternity of their son, to waiting 13 years for Hugh Grant to never get around to putting a ring on her finger and to the end of her marriage to Indian textile heir Arun Nayer.

2. Will Liz be able to hack the Melbourne heat?: The British beauty isn’t used to 40-degree-plus days and the Victorian capital is famed for its sizzling summer heat.

3. Melbourne is too far from the Cote D’Azur for Liz’s liking: Bobbing around the Mediterranean on Valentino’s yacht, skiing in Gstaad, shopping Paris - Hurley is used to the high life. Being marooned in Melbourne, a 24-hour flight from Europe, might be too much for this international glamour-puss to take.

4. Liz will miss her farm in the UK countryside too much

5. It’s much harder to pop across to Paris for a spot of shopping from Australia

6. The press frenzy will make life insufferable

7. Trailing in Liz’s glamorous wake won’t be easy for Warnie

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