“Diehard cricket fan” Veena Malik to appear in two Indian ‘crick-o-tainment’ TV shows

Friday, February 18, 2011

LAHORE - Pakistani artiste Veena Malik, who became a household name in India following her stint on reality TV show Bigg Boss, will now appear in two more shows on the Indian television.

“I have been a diehard cricket fan and follow the game religiously. I have been offered several projects but this is cricket season. I am taking my passion for the game into account, which is why I have decided to do the show. I hope that my knowledge about the game and its players will attract my fans both in India and Pakistan,” The Express Tribune quoted Veena Malik, who is currently in India on a three-month visa, as saying.

In her first ‘crick-o-tainment’ show that will hit the small screen on February 19, Malik will serve as the host with two panellists- Ketan Sharma and former Indian cricketer and national coach Anshuman Gaekwad.

While Sharma and Gaekwad will highlight the technicalities of the game, Veena Malik, who has reportedly been paid 10 million rupees for this show, will bring spice and interest to the more colourful aspects of the players.

“This show will be a mixture of cricket and entertainment. I will also discuss famous love affairs of various cricketers,” said Malik.

When asked which team she would support for the World Cup 2011 campaign, Malik replied: “Of course I will support the Pakistani team in its matches. But I also have sympathies for the Indian team.”

Apart from this, she will also participate in a programme titled “Bigg Toss,” in which 14 contestants will all live in a villa, where they will be divided into two teams and choose the players of their choice.

Based on the performance of their chosen players, the teams will be given marks, and the team whose players perform better will win the show.

“The participants will also discuss their favourite players but according to the show’s format, the participants can only choose Indian cricketers,” said Malik, explaining the dynamics of the show.

Other participants of this show include Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s father Yograj Singh Bundhel and Bollywood starlet Rakhi Sawant. (ANI)

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