Flags of World Cup nations - made in Jaipur

By Anil Sharma, IANS
Friday, February 18, 2011

JAIPUR - This city is not a venue for the World Cup matches, but flags made in Jaipur will make their presence felt as they swirl and flutter across venues in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh for the mega event from Saturday.

That’s because a Jaipur-based trader, Chaganlal & Sons, has bagged orders to supply flags, cutouts, masks, T-shirts and posters to cricket boards in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh and various cricket associations in India.

The flags of all 14 countries which are taking part in the World Cup are in huge demand. In Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, we have supplied flags on government orders., said Rajesh Agrawal of Chhaganlal and Sons.

“Besides, all cricket associations which are hosting the matches have placed orders,” said the trader who operates from a small place in the walled city of Jaipur. He said each cricket association is shelling out around Rs.1-1.5 lakh to buy flags, cutouts and other items.

The trading company had earlier supplied flags for the FIFA World Cup, the 2010 Commonwealth Games and also the presidential elections in the US.

He said the demand for flags and other promotional items for the Cricket World Cup has exceeded expectations this time. We have so far sold over 30,000 flags and are trying our best to meet the demand growing with each passing day, said Agrawal.

Malls, cinema halls and hotels are also queuing up to buy the World Cup promotional items, he said.

Obviously, the flags of India top the list of most wanted items this time around. Face cutouts of Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag and Yusuf Pathan are very much in demand, said Agrawal.

The flags are available in all sizes, from 1 cm to 10 feet in length, costing between 10 paisa and Rs.800 in wholesale purchase. Face cutouts are being sold in the range of Rs.150 and Rs.800, T-shirts from Rs.60 to Rs.500 and posters come cheap at Rs.10.

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