Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium gets World cup hosting clearance

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

MUMBAI - Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium, the venue for 2011 World Cup final on April 2, has got clearance to host all scheduled games after meeting the safety standards.

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) given to the stadium on Tuesday has welcomed by fans.

Last week safety inspectors expressed unhappiness about the non-availability of the mandatory fire equipment, including water hydrants, no-smoking indicators, alarms and extinguishers.

Following a recent inspection, Mumbai’s chief fire officer, Uday Tatkare said that all major safety points have been thoroughly checked and found to be ’safe and secure’.

“It is the responsibility of the fire brigade to send the officers to check the hydrant points that are placed on the stands, fire detection systems and smoke exhaust systems. The officers have checked the total courtyard and all other systems. We gave permission after checking the last two renovations done in the two stands,” said Tatkare.

Three additional emergency exists have been designed to meet the challenges of any untoward incident.

The exhaust and ventilation systems in the basement area have been upgraded in addition to the putting up of double sprinkling systems in case a fire breaks out.

The freshly renovated stadium features newly installed bucket seats for the comfort of spectators, an array of lifts and staircases to facilitate movement and plush ground which stadium officials claim meets international standards.he 33,000-seater stadium is expecting a massive turnout for the games. (ANI)

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