Coleen Rooney ready to give evidence in court on blackmail plot for son’s pictures

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

LONDON - Coleen Rooney is reportedly ready to give evidence in court against a gang of three who were arrested for blackmailing her over pictures of her 16-month-old son Kai.

The Manchester United star Wayne Rooney and his 24-year-old wife had received a demand for money in exchange for the return of family snaps of Kai. It is believed her camera was picked up by the gang after she accidentally left it at the M.E.N Arena in Manchester.

Coleen could be called to give evidence if the trio are charged when they answer bail next month, The Mirror reports.

A source close to Rooney said that Coleen had fully co-operated with the police, and will even give evidence if required.

“Wayne and Coleen are extremely upset and angered about this attempt to blackmail them over the photographs of their baby son. They are treasured family pictures with huge sentimental value and it’s hurtful to think someone could use Kai as a commodity to cash in on,” the source said.

“Whoever is responsible �obviously thought because of Wayne’s wealth it could be an easy pay day but the Rooneys were adamant the police should be informed,” the source added.

Two men, aged 41 and 28, and a 25-year-old woman were later arrested after the poice carried out an undercover operation, secretly taping a series of telephone calls.

“We are investigating an allegation of blackmail following an incident reported to us in September last year. Three people are on bail pending further inquiries,” a police spokesman said. (ANI)

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