No more kids for Rooney ‘until Coleen can trust him again’

Monday, November 8, 2010

LONDON - Wayne Rooney and wife Coleen are likely not to have another baby unless she can confide in him again.

“Wayne’s got a great deal on his mind on and off the pitch,” The Daily Star quoted a source as saying.

“He’s frustrated he is not playing. He is also worried that rebuilding his relationship with Coleen is proving so difficult. He is really keen for a brother or sister for Kai. But she has told him that is not going to happen right now,” the source added.

The best-paid footballer in English history was desperate to seal his record 200,000pounds-a-week Manchester United deal with a sibling for year-old son Kai, reports the Daily Star.

He had hoped that he and his wife’s 40,000-pound trip to the world’s poshest hotel, in Dubai, would put their baby plans back on track following his hooker romps.

However, Coleen has told him she will not entertain having another child until she is certain she can trust him again.

When she was pregnant with Kai, her 25-year-old husband sneaked off for seven sex sessions with 1,200 pound-a-night escort Jenny Thompson.

Even though Coleen has agreed to stay with Wayne and rebuild their relationship, she will not risk any repetition of his sordid straying. (ANI)

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