Twitter comment on Ponting over blown: Warne

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

MELBOURNE - Former Australian leg-spinner Shane Warne has said that his Twitter-related criticism of captain Ricky Ponting has been over blown.

It may be recalled, that last week, Warne, a prolific Twitterer, used the social network site to criticise Ponting’s handling of Australian spin bowler Nathan Hauritz in the Test series against India.

In one Tweet, Warne said: “Feeling for Hauritz , terrible!! What are these tactics? Sorry Ricky but what are you doing.”

Today on his website, Warne said the criticism had been blown out of proportion.

Under the heading “Clarification of my comments about Ricky Ponting”.

“I find it staggering, but not surprising, how much factually incorrect rubbish I’ve read since I was quietly sitting on my couch last week talking out loud to the TV and answering my followers on twitter!! I don’t know why so many people feel the need to exaggerate and sensationalize one sentence. Please, just report the facts!!!

“My tweet about Ricky’s fields for Nathan Hauritz for 2 overs has been portrayed as a rift between myself and the Australian captain and Journo’s have tried to start a slanging match between us; what rubbish. Commentators on the match, cricket journalists and even the Indian captain, M S Dhoni, have agreed with my tweet. It was an observation, not an attack!

“Never at any stage did I say or imply that Ricky’s time as captain is up.” (ANI)

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