Gabba is Australia’s biggest Ashes advantage: Hayden

Monday, November 22, 2010

BRISBANE - Former Australian and Queensland opener Matthew Hayden has predicted that the Gabba ground in Brisbane is Australia’s biggest Ashes advantage.

When asked about the Australian side and its preparations, Hayden: “You guys (the media) have been pretty tough on the boys and they will be feeling that without question. Having said that, he said beware of the wounded cricketer.

“England have almost been hiding in some ways, but you can’t hide at the Gabba (when) it’s delivery day and Australia will be keen, they will be reformulated as a unit together,” Hayden said.

“The speculation will be set aside and it will be play on and it will be play on at a venue that is really, really tough for anybody who sits outside these boundaries,” he added.

“The Gabba is a very, very unique ground and we have had the privilege to use it as a backyard a little bit more than England has, so we will definitely have the home ground advantage and the edge in that we know what the conditions are like,” the former Australian opener said.

“It’s going to be a tough game . . . I think the southern venues will be a great deal more difficult for Australia to get that home advantage in but this is going to be a cracker, the Gabba,” he said.

Ricky Ponting said: “Our record there is unbelievably good and we want to make sure we continue that on.” (ANI)

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