Usain Bolt’s barmaid tells of secret year long fling

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

LONDON - Usain Bolt’s barmaid from humble West Norwood has spilled the beans on how world’s fastest man did a runner - after a secret year-long fling with her.

Sexy Rebeckah Passley, 23 - who Jamaica’s Olympic superstar pulled in south east London - said: “I feel heartbroken. He’s the best lover I’ve ever had.

“Usain might be quick on the track but he takes his time in bed. He knows how to treat a woman,” the Sun quoted Passley as saying.

The bargirl was convinced the sprinter - who set a 100-metre record at 9.58 seconds - had fallen head over heels for her.

But their affair, known only to his inner circle, hit the rocks amid claims he was seeing other women. Girls were popping up in the press claiming they were dating him. He told me it was all nonsense.

“But it did have a bad effect on our relationship - and we have had no contact for a month,” Passley added.

The athlete, 24, whisked his secret girlfriend all over the world to be with him after wooing her in June last year.

Passley had gone to a track meeting at Crystal Palace, near her home, when he got his manager to invite her to a team party in West Ham.

She shared the back seat of Bolt’s chauffeured car.

At the bash he put his arm round her, saying: “You’re mine.”

“He did it in a jokey way. He was a gentleman. We danced together all night. He’s an excellent kisser. He’s a better kisser than he is a dancer.”

Bolt, who is also 200-metre champion, jetted off the next day to another athletics engagement - but returned within a week. (ANI)

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