Isaiah Stanback Story Takes A New Turn

By shantanu, Gaea News Network
Monday, November 16, 2009

San Francisco- The Isaiah Stanback story has suddenly been given a new twist, one for the good. After a long time of playing in the practice squad for New England and then the Patriots, he has now been signed up in the active roster for the Patriots. He has probably been brought to replace Brandon Tate, who has been declared inactive for having sustained several injuries. Isaiah Stanback himself had been suffering from a disastrous foot injury that kept him away from the game for over a year. He has been signed on as a quarterback for the next game of the Patriots against the Colts. He might also play as a receiver in the game.

Isaiah Stanback had played as a quarterback in college. He hails from the University of Washington and was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys for their 2007 schedule, with whom he played principally as a kick returner. He had also been starting some games and had made a few passes. Things were going pretty well until the Isaiah Stanback story abruptly took a sad turn. He reportedly suffered from a nasty foot injury and could not play for the net year or so. He began rethinking his decision of playing as no other team showed an interest in him and he was drafted out of the Dallas Cowboys. After sometime, he was signed on by New England in their practice squad.

It has not yet been declared which position Isaiah Stanback would be playing in. He was posing as the defense in the practice matches. He might play as the quarterback as he had held that position while he was in college. He might also be the kick returner or the receiver. It is yet to be seen how the Isaiah Stanback story turns out to be.

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