Olympic Medal Standings 2010

By Ronee, Gaea News Network
Friday, February 26, 2010

VANCOUVER, CANADA (GaeaTimes.com)- With just a few days remaining for the Vancouver Winter Olympics to get over, all the countries are giving their best shot in order to bag away the maximum number of medals for their country. The 2010 Winter Olympics at Vancouver is truly a visual treat for all the sports lovers which is keeping them glued to their seats. This time, the Olympic has become all the more special for the United States fans. They are leading so far with 32 medals. 8 of the medals are the much coveted gold, 12 are silver and 12 bronze. Athletes like Lindsey Vonn, Julia Mancuso, Apolo Ohno, Shaun White and many more have made the country proud. The USA hockey team too has done a splendid job so far. They have registered victory against Canada and successfully dominated Russians. All the Americans are hoping that the hockey team adds one more gold medal in their bags this weekend.

In the Winter Olympics of 2010, right behind the United States is Germany. It has successfully clinched 26 medals so far, 8 out of them are gold, 11 are silver and 7 are bronze. However, the United States is leading so far in the medal race. There is a tie in the number of gold medals secured by 3 countries. The United States, Germany and Canada have successfully grabbed 8 gold medals each. In the forthcoming games there might be a role reversal, as some viewers are feeling.

At the Winter Olympics 2010 in Vancouver, Norway is in the 3rd position with 19 medals, 7 out of them are gold, 6 are silver and 6 are bronze. Canada is placed right after Norway with 17 medals of which 8 are gold, 6 are silver and 3 are bronze medals. Russia is at 5th place with 13 medals.

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