Shiv Sena demands action against Pakistan-based militant outfits

Sunday, July 18, 2010

AMRITSAR - Activists of the Shiv Sena on Sunday staged a demonstration in Amritsar demanding stern action against Pakistan-based militant outfits, and called for immediate stalling of the ongoing dialogue between the two countries.

Contending that Islamabad had insulted India, the protestors burnt Pakistan’s national flag.

“We have carried out this demonstration in view of Pakistan being declared as a country which breeds militants. Whenever we (India) have tried to resolve issues, Pakistan has always vented their anger by insulting our national flag, which has deeply hurt our sentiments,” said Ajay Seth, a Shiv Sena leader in Amritsar.

“This is the reason why we have burnt Pakistan’s national flag today,” he added.

The demonstrators further sought suspension of almost all the bilateral ties between India and Pakistan.

“We appeal to the central government that they should scrap all negotiations conducted with Pakistan which includes Muzaffarabad to Srinagar bus service, Amritsar to Lahore bus service, the Samjhauta Express,” Seth said.

“We are just witnessing the results of these peace measures. Everyday we read in newspapers that a large sum of fake currency and drugs are being smuggled into India, posing a grave threat to our national security,” he added. (ANI)

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