Finn unfazed by Watto’s jibe

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

LONDON - England fast bowler Steve Finn has been sensible in not reacting aggressively or retorting to Australian all-rounder Shane Watson’s jibe.

“If people want to concern themselves with me, and waste their mental energy on me, that’s their business, it doesn’t faze me whatsoever,” Finn said at Lord’s on Tuesday as he prepared for the final Test against Pakistan.

Watson followed up Australia skipper Ricky Ponting’s prediction of a 5-0 whitewash of England by identifying Finn as a player the home side could put pressure on because of his inexperience.

“I think I’ve got what it takes to bowl under pressure. I’ve got a repeatable action and I know what I’m doing with the ball and where to bowl it. But there’s competition for places so it’s up to me to bowl well in this Test against Pakistan to warrant my place on the plane to Australia,” The Telegraph quoted Finn, as saying.all, young bowlers like Finn have prospered in Australia before. John Snow, Bob Willis, Andy Caddick, Graham Dilley have all had their moments there, though only the first two were consistent.

That will be Finn’s big challenge, to bowl five or six searching spells a Test.

Finn is also keen not to react to the Australian view that almost half of the England was non-English.

“Those guys who weren’t born here have dedicated themselves to being English and playing for the England team,” said Finn.

He added: “It’s important that as the national team we pick the 11 best people no matter where they come from, we have a diverse culture and it’s important that we embrace that.”

Finn acknowledged that the trip Down Under would be tough assignment.

“The nature of international cricket is that players go through hard periods, but they come out the other side as Alastair Cook showed with is hundred this week” said Finn.

He said: “But I have people like Angus Fraser and David Saker, our bowling coach, to turn to in tough times.” (ANI)

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