CWG: 40 Brit swimmers hit by Delhi belly bug

Thursday, October 7, 2010

MELBOURNE - Almost two thirds of the British swimming squad for the 2010 Commonwealth Games has been hit by the ‘Delhi belly’ bug ever since arriving in India.

Leading English swimmer Francesca Halsall was dragged from the water on Wednesday after becoming ill during a race she was tipped to win.

World champion in 100-metre backstroke Gemma Spofforth could only win a silver medal in the event after becoming ill before the final, and there were fears that Rebecca Adlington, the double Olympic champion, was also ailing, reports.

The collapse of Halsall after performing badly in the pool will raise concerns that the leading medal contenders are not well enough to race. Till now, the ‘Delhi belly’ bug has reportedly hit 40 British swimmers.

The strong Australian camp had said that Halsall, who won the 50 metres butterfly title on Monday, would win “three almost certain gold medals”.

Halsall slipped to third place in the final of the 100 meters freestyle and could only come 10th in the 100 metres butterfly semi-final.

As she started to faint in the pool after the race, officials held her up until the team doctor arrived to help.

Halsall vomited as she left the pool. Visibly shaking, pale, and holding back tears, she said: “I had tummy issues last night and they carried on through today. I just didn’t have anything to give and I just don’t feel very well.” (ANI)

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