Hussey ignoring calls to quit Test cricket

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

SYDNEY - Out form Australian batsman Michael Hussey, who has scored only two Test hundreds over the past two years, is ignoring calls to quit Test cricket.

Husseyis instead looking at players who prospered late in their careers, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Captain Ricky Ponting seems to have acknowledged his slide of form by demoting him to No.5 in the batting order to allow a more prominent role for vice-captain Michael Clarke.

“I don’t feel the talk or anything like that I’ve always made a conscious decision not to take much notice of what goes on outside the team. I don’t read a hell of a lot of press or watch the TV a hell of a lot, so it’s not something I try to put on,” said Hussey.

“I must admit last summer I found it a lot harder to get away from that because there seemed like a lot of speculation, but certainly watching guys like Sachin Tendulkar play so well at 37, Steve Waugh played well later in his career, Matt Hayden, Justin Langer, there’s so much evidence of guys playing very well, well past 35, so I can take a lot of confidence from that,” he said.

“I feel like I’m playing well in myself, I feel like in particularly the last three Tests I’ve been a little unlucky, but that’s the game,” Hussey said.

“For me I know if I start putting too much pressure on myself or trying too hard or thinking too much about what’s going on outside, I don’t perform well, so I’m going to keep trusting in myself,” he added. (ANI)

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