English ladies footie team scores 41-nil!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

LONDON - English ladies footie team Keynsham Town Ladies Reserves has made history by winning Somerset County Women’s League against Somerton and Langport Ladies by 41 goals.

The stunning victory by Somerset’s Ladies team is believed to be the third biggest in the history of the English women’s game.

“We used the wings, opened up the space and let them do the running,” the Sun quoted the proud club chairman Graham Rogers as saying.

The scoreline included two own goals by opponents Somerton and Langport Ladies. But they did have a disadvantage. Only eight of their players turned up for the kick-off.

A ninth arrived 20 minutes into the game - but Keynsham were already running riot. By half-time it was 15-0.

The victors’ top scorer when the final whistle blew was jubilant striker Chloe Rogers - who bagged 11. Even keeper Caroline Oyedepo got on the scoresheet - after slotting home a penalty.

The win means Keynsham Town Ladies Reserves have scored a whopping 84 goals in their opening five games - and conceded none.

The team was only formed two years ago but has taken the Somerset County Women’s League by storm. They have already won two cups.

But they still have some way to go to beat record holders’ Willenhall Town, who thumped Burton Brewers 57-0 in the West Midlands Regional League in 2001. (ANI)

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