Australia must reverse downward slide during Ashes series: Katich

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

SYDNEY - Australian opener Simon Katich wants the team to reverse its downward slide during the Ashes series, as poor results against Pakistan in England and India on the subcontinent show that the Australia team is not functioning as it should.

Australia’s Test team has been in reverse mode since beating South Africa in 2009.

“This is probably something evident since the Ashes last year,” The Sydney Morning Herald quoted Katich, as saying.

“We’d come off such a great series in South Africa playing some really positive cricket with some great signs, and to probably take a step back on occasions with losing the Ashes and then drawing with Pakistan and then losing in India,” he said.

“Those things have made us realise that we’re not as on track as we were after that South African series,” Katich added.

Commenting on reports that England is favourite to retain the Ashes, Katich said that all would have been changed with a Test victory in India, something the Australians were just one wicket away from achieving.

“We’re a little bit frustrated, because I think it could’ve been such a different outcome for us. If we’d come away from that series with a 1-1 result I think that would’ve been quite a positive result, even though you haven’t won,” he said.

“But going over to India we’ve won once there in 40 years, in 2004, so it’s not the easiest place to win, against a very good team.

“So if we’d come away with that result we wouldn’t be in the situation we’re in at the moment where there’s probably a lot more negativity around the team, but that’s what happens when you lose,” Katich added. (ANI)

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