Ex-F1 champs back ‘mentally tough’ Webber to win world title

Thursday, November 11, 2010

MELBOURNE - Red Bull driver Mark Webber has the mental toughness to lift the world title in Abu Dhabi on Sunday night, according to former Formula One champions.

Australia’s two F1 champions, Sir Jack Brabham and Alan Jones, both believe Webber can beat current leader Fernando Alonso and teammate Sebastian Vettel to lift the crown.

“He’s got the right attitude. He’s going to go and do it. I’ve spoken to him on the phone a couple of times and he’s very fired up. I hope he makes it. It will be fantastic for Australia if he does,” Brabham said.

Jones also believes Webber has the edge in a scrap. “I think he’s better mentally attuned to a challenge,” Fox Sports quoted him, as saying.

“In all honesty, if there are any mind games or mental tests, it’s in Mark’s favour. He’s come up the hard way. The others, to some degree, have got a silver spoon in their mouths. They will be more likely to throw a tantrum,” Jones said.

Jones further said Webber needs to forget about the championship and concentrate on winning the race.

“He’s just got to treat it like another grand prix. He cannot go in preoccupied with the championship. I used to take one race at a time,” he said.

Brabham wants luck to be on Webber’s side. “He will need a little bit of luck with it. Basically, he’s got to win the race to be sure of it,” he said. (ANI)

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