‘Club is dead if footballer becomes more important than manager’: Fergie

Thursday, November 18, 2010

LONDON - Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed that he told the directors of the club more than 15 years ago that the most important person at Manchester United was the manager. No one is more important.

“The minute a footballer becomes more important than the manager, your club is dead. The history goes right down the drain. It has to be that way. My concern will always be control,” The Sun quoted Ferguson, as saying.

“The minute a footballer threatens that control, I have to take it seriously and consider if it’s affecting team morale and results and the atmosphere in the dressing room. If that’s the case, the player has to go. There is no question about that,” he added.

“You can’t compromise yourself in that situation. We’ve had such decisions over the years and I’ve always thought I’ve been right. But there’s nothing wrong with egos. Look at Eric Cantona, he has to be the catalyst of the 1999 team. What he did was bring a confidence to the squad when he put that collar up and strutted his stuff. He brought something different to the young players - and they all followed the Pied Piper,” Fergie said. (ANI)

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