‘Rooney knew he had made a mistake,’ says Fergie of contract dispute

Thursday, November 18, 2010

LONDON - Star striker Wayne Rooney knew that he had made a mistake when he took on the management of Manchester United for renegotiating his contract, said coach Sri Alex Ferguson.

Some young people take bad advice. He (Rooney) has an agent who is not the most popular man in the world and he obviously sold it to Wayne to ask away. The boy rushed in. But the minute he heard the response of the public and our supporters, he changed his mind, he knew he’d made a mistake,” The Sun quoted Fergie, as saying.

“You don’t necessarily have to heed advice after listening to it. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as you recognize it. He immediately apologized and agreed a new contract within a couple of hours. It wasn’t done to get the contract; I don’t think that for a minute. But maybe he should have listened to better advice,” he added.

“We want to get Wayne back to his best and when that happens I think it’ll be OK. His recuperation has gone well in the States, but I’ll have to see him in training before I can decide whether to bring him back. He’s had a good week in the States and we’ve got him to the point where we want him to be in terms of accelerating his fitness. Is he ready to get into the first team? We’ll have to assess that when I get back,” Fergie said. (ANI)

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